Erik Rokisky began his personal training career at the early age of nineteen. Since then he has gained numerous certifications and testimonials. The most prominent certification being his bachelor’s degree from the college of Health and Human Performance at East Carolina University.

The goal of TAG is to teach you how to move and feel better through five principles.

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Client Reviews

As a trainer, Erik not only helped me with getting into better shape but also helping me build a better diet and understanding of how to live healthier. I have lost over 40 pounds and have never felt better. When I started I couldn’t perform a push up, burpee, or a even a plank. I didn’t even know what those exercises were when I started. Today I can do several sets of each and even bench over 225! If you read this and struggle with weight, living healthy, or just want someone to help push you to stay motivate, Erik Rokisky is the trainer for you.
— Jonathen Rose
In the nine months that I worked with Erik as my personal trainer, I lost 55 lbs., improved my strength and overall health and changed my lifestyle. I strongly recommend his services.
— M. Harris”
Erik’s approach to training is excellent. Instead of merely training to a number, Erik drives for creating the best version of you in light of personal goals. He uses good judgment challenging for higher performance. He is a good adviser for physical training and dietary practices. He is highly recommended
— K. Williams